Westmore Church of God

Cleveland, TN


This facility was designed to accommodate the recreational and assembly needs for the youth of a growing congregation. As phase one of an overall Master Plan, the new center was designed around the ONE-EIGHTY concept, and at the time of the design was one of only three such facilities in the state of Tennessee. The program is one which encourages community youth involvement that turns their life 180 degrees in the direction of Christ.  

The design includes a multipurpose space that provides an auditorium with a platform and a full-size basketball court.  The court provides a special floor finish that is suitable for skating, assemblies, and other activities.  

A kitchen and café area, reception area, office, lobby, restrooms, and storage room are part of the main level. A game room, computer room, and an exercise room are included on the upper level. Exterior recreation and skateboarding is also provided to draw young people from the community into the facility for both recreation and training.