Educational Resource Center, Pellissippi State Community College

In February 2021, our firm embarked on a renovation project encompassing 6,900 square feet on the first floor of the Pellissippi State Community College Strawberry Plains Campus. The primary objective was to transform this space into the Educational Resource Center (ERC). 

Our dedicated team collaborated closely with the PSCC Librarian and the Dean of Library Services to meticulously tailor the ERC to their specific requirements. This involved the thoughtful design of various zones, including a library, study areas, spaces for collaborative learning, technology stations, and an area dedicated to showcasing the Appalachian Heritage Project.

The ERC’s goal was to offer a versatile environment that catered to diverse student needs. It needed to provide both quiet, contemplative study spaces and dynamic, collaborative areas with some allowance for increased noise levels. Meeting this multifaceted challenge was paramount, especially considering that the ERC serves a substantial community, including over 700 PSCC students, 125 Career Magnet Academy students, and individuals enrolled in the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.

The comprehensive scope of the project encompassed reconfigurations of layouts, updates to finishes, replacement of ceiling tiles, procurement of new furniture, fixtures, and equipment, minor electrical and plumbing enhancements, code compliance upgrades, and the installation of supplementary heating and air conditioning systems to complement the building’s existing HVAC infrastructure.