Tennessee Highway Patrol District 1 Headquarters

Completed in 2022, this project comprised three distinct components:

  1. Site Package: This initial phase of the project focused on site preparation. It involved grading and the installation of storm drainage across the entire site. Additionally, an 8-foot chain-link fence with security screening and razor wire at the top was erected to secure the impound lot. This site package enabled the immediate use of the impound lot while work on the building package was still in progress.

  2. Building Package: The second component encompassed site development and the construction of the District 1 Headquarters main building. The site features two parking areas, one for accessible visitor parking and another for secure officer and staff parking with controlled entry, all enclosed by an ornamental fence. To enhance security and ensure redundancy, a second controlled entry/exit to the public way was added at the rear of the property. An emergency generator was strategically placed within the secure area. Furthermore, the site included provisions for a helipad and potential future helicopter maintenance facilities. Given the limited site space, meticulous adherence to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements was vital. A 3D “cone” simulation was created to ascertain the proper angles for helicopter take-off and descent, considering nearby buildings, fences, power lines, and trees. The building design, while generally aligned with the program, underwent refinement based on on-site conditions. Close collaboration among various stakeholders, including the City of Knoxville, Knox County, the State of Tennessee, STREAM, and THP ensured seamless integration of networking, security cameras, and hardware installations. To safeguard the perimeter, robust separation measures were adopted between public areas and secure zones. Specialized security hardware was installed to restrict unauthorized access. Interior finishes and layouts adhered to the owner’s requirements and project standards outlined in the current program document. To integrate regional design aesthetics, a slight modification was made to the building’s exterior, incorporating stone veneer at the main entrance.

  3. Program Document: The success of the District 1 HQ design led to the approval of additional services. Community Tectonics was tasked with creating the current program document, which outlines design parameters for future District HQ buildings, including the District 5 facility which our firm has been awarded. 

This multi-faceted project showcases meticulous planning, collaboration, and adaptability to fulfill the evolving needs of the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the community it serves.