Sevierville Community Center

Sevierville, TN


This 41,350 square foot facility was constructed utilizing 75% local government funding and 25% private funding. Included in the facility are administrative offices, an indoor swimming pool, a gymnasium, a weight/exercise room, a ten-lane bowling alley, two racquetball/handball courts, four meeting rooms, a game room, a snack bar, toilet facilities, shower/locker rooms, a gymnastics room, and a multi-purpose balcony space.

An integral part of this project was to develop a Master Plan for the city’s newly-acquired property of approximately fifteen acres. The solution involved the extension of two major city streets with the Community Center located on the axis and at the termination of the Bruce Street extension.

The main entrance to the Community Center is on Bruce Street. The entrance lobby is a sixteen-foot high space with a stained glass mural skylight. Lobby space is used primarily for display. Four meeting rooms and a snack bar open off this lobby. The bowling alley is located in a wing to the left of the lobby. To the right, the lobby opens to a concourse with a glass wall that allows viewers to look down upon the swimming pool. A ramp leads up and down at the end of this concourse. The down ramp leads to an intermediate level where you may enter the locker/dressing rooms and the swimming pool area. Further down this level are the gymnasium, the weight room, the gymnastics room and the racquetball/handball courts. The up ramp leads to a large balcony that allows spectator viewing in the gymnasium, the racquetball/handball courts, and the swimming pool. This balcony area also serves as multi-purpose space for small group activities.