Science Hill High School Renovation and Additiontsbaawardribbonblue

Johnson City, TN

1st Place TSBA School of the Year Award Winner – 2012 Remodeling/Renovation Division


Science Hill High School was in need of classroom space and renovations to their existing school.  Community Tectonics came up with a solution that  provided both while allowing the school to stay open during the construction process.  The construction involved four separate buildings that included academics, administration, circulation and physical education.  Broken into phased construction areas, the school was able to move students into areas that were completed first while other construction continued.  Along with a state of the art gymnasium the school added a two story academic wing that replaced the out dated structure originally in use.  In addition new offices and conference rooms were added for the administration of the ninth grade academy.

 The 2012 expansion was the first major renovation and addition to the high school since the original construction in 1961.  This 24 million dollar, 178,126 total square foot project, added over 150,000 square feet of instructional space, state of the art wireless technology, four new combination laboratories, a foreign language laboratory, special rooms for art and drama, sixty new classroom spaces, six new counseling offices, four teacher planning spaces, a new gymnasium and new administrative office space.  The building also has a new energy management system for HVAC control and comfort through the construction of a new Central Plant, lighting controls that take advantage of day lighting, large corridors for student movement, visible lockers for safety, as well as a complete video and security alarm system throughout the school campus. Each classroom has Internet connections, white boards with projection devices, new combination furnishings that allow for student grouping, and movable teacher desks on rollers for easy classroom rearrangement.