Maryville Intermediate Schooltsbaawardribbonblue

Maryville, TN

1st Place TSBA School of the Year Award Winner – 2002 Elementary New Construction


The school was located on a site originally master-planned to be shared with Foothills Elementary School. The new school shares a common food service core and a bus and service drive with the elementary school, while maintaining a separate auto drive and play area. The elementary school was converted from a K-5 grade structure to a K-4 structure when the intermediate school opened.

A central core area includes the library, dining space, and a gymnasium to seat 900 students. The academic spaces consist of 49 classrooms, including laboratories for music, art, science, and technology. A Little Theater to seat 372 students is provided as well.

The Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) has honored the school as the winner of its Elementary School Division’s 2002 School of the Year Award in Architectural Design.