Grace Baptist Church Sanctuary

Knoxville, TN


The sanctuary addition to Grace Baptist Church was the result of a period of dynamic growth for a large established congregation. The existing facility which seated approximately 650 was being utilized for three worship services each Sunday morning.

The new sanctuary provides a 2,200-seat facility including a choir area for 200. Comprehensive state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems and facilities for radio and television broadcast and recording were included as a basic part of the initial phase.

Large fellowship lobbies provide a connection between the existing church facilities and the new sanctuary. Covered entries and walkways are provided at both major entrances. Other features include a choir rehearsal room, choir robing areas, an orchestra practice room, baptistry dressing areas, a bride’s room, and men’s and women’s toilets.

Additional parking was developed on site to replace the parking areas taken by the development of the new sanctuary, and to provide new parking spaces as well. An overall master plan of the site was developed in anticipation of a future educational addition and the development of larger parking areas.