East TN State University

Millennium Centre Computer Science Renovation

Johnson City, TN


In 2019, the Millennium Center began its transformation into an academic building for the highly ranked Computer Science program at ETSU. The program focuses on systems-level software development, such as real-time graphics simulations, distributed software systems, and operating systems. It features courses in data structures, algorithms, computer architecture, operating systems, advanced mathematics, and science. Community Tectonics was commissioned for the phased renovations of this newly acquired building to meet new program/departmental requirements.

Phase I: The first phase, completed on the main level of the Millennium Center, created computer science classrooms with 197 computer workstations, various offices, and reception spaces. This renovation also consisted of upgrades and conversion of the IT infrastructure in addition to reconfiguration of some walls and updated finishes. Phase II: Phase 2 included renovation of space on the first and second floors. The first floor renovation of two auditoriums included expanded space for A/V and Editing Rooms, 2 new 98” 1080P monitors with supporting structures, and 11 new 70” monitors. The second floor renovations created additional classroom space to accommodate the growing program. The project also included new finishes in all renovated areas.