Tennessee High School CTE Facility, A&E Study

Bristol TN City Schools recognizes the importance of equipping their graduating seniors with valuable work-ready certifications and dual enrollment courses. In pursuit of this vision, they entrusted Community Tectonics with the programming and preliminary design of a dynamic new 3-story wing. This innovative addition not only accommodates a range of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs but also enhances the overall support infrastructure for their high school students.

Our comprehensive project encompasses a thoughtful blend of selective demolition and renovation of 25,000 square feet, coupled with an impressive 75,000 square feet of new construction. Within this transformative space are a variety of specialized areas, including shops, classroom facilities, high bay labs, an administration suite, a kitchen with serving capabilities, a spacious dining area, a multifunctional commons space, a welcoming gathering stair, a reimagined media center/library, and an array of essential support spaces. Each of these elements has been meticulously planned to enhance the educational experience and support the diverse needs of students and educators.

To ensure accessibility and create a new visual identity for the South side of the campus, we’ve introduced a new building entrance, seamlessly connecting the facility to the adjacent parking lot. This not only simplifies access but also revitalizes the overall aesthetics of the school.