In 1986 Community Tectonics, Inc. established a scholarship in Bebb’s name at the University of Tennessee School of Architecture.  For more information about the Hubert Bebb Scholarship at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, the Community Tectonics scholarship at Pellissippi State Community College, and recent recipients of each, please click here.

Hubert Bebb, Founder

A Legacy in Architectural Excellence

The roots of Community Tectonics Architects trace back to 1950 when the late Mr. Hubert Bebb made a pivotal decision to move his thriving architectural practice from Chicago to the scenic landscapes of East Tennessee. His expertise and artistic flair quickly gained recognition in the region, laying the foundation for our enduring legacy. Today, his vision lives on through the dedicated principals who became part of the organization during his lifetime. Following is a brief historical overview of our transformation into Community Tectonics Architects:

  • 1950: Mr. Hubert Bebb relocates to Gatlinburg and continues the architectural practice he established in Chicago.
  • 1955: Bebb & Olsen, Architects and Engineers, is officially founded in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, marking a significant chapter in our history.
  • 1960: Olsen relocates, and a new partner joins the firm. The firm is now recognized as Bebb & Fleming, Architects and Engineers.
  • 1964: With the retirement of Fleming, the firm becomes Bebb & Ogle.
  • 1966: A pivotal moment in our journey, Community Tectonics, Inc. is incorporated, establishing an office in Gatlinburg, solidifying our commitment to the community and our unique approach to architectural design.

The rich history of Community Tectonics Architects is a testament to our enduring dedication to architectural excellence and community-centric values, as we continue to shape the future of design and construction.