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Bristol, TN

CTA’s facility assessment of the existing Vance Middle School determined it had too many deficiencies to accommodate the functional & spatial requirements of a new educational program.  After evaluation of numerous sites, the preferred option was to construct the new facility on the existing 12-acre site of the previous Vance Middle School, while maintaining school operations. With limited site area available for a new facility, track and soccer/football field, field house, staff and event parking, it was decided that a new three-story building design, with necessary support areas, would be needed. The phased schedule allowed this difficult challenge of the new school to be occupied before the existing building was demolished. This concept also included utilization of the existing 37,400 SF gymnasium. After the old school was demolished, a bus drive and 91 parking for staff and events were constructed in its place.

The design team’s goal was to create a place that facilitated learning, a place where children loved to come.  This goal was accomplished with a three-story facility tied together by a multi-level Main Street, connecting multiple areas and functions at one central spline. Designed as the hub of school activity, Main Street includes a Gathering Stair, Media Center, & Dining Hall. Educational space, recreational space, & ancillary space all radiate off the spline.  The main entry to the school is accessed through a secured Administration Suite with adjacent SRO Office. Near the entry lobby are the Clinic, Guidance Suite, CDC and Behavior Classrooms, and STEM Lab. Color is used throughout the facility both to enhance the overall appearance and to assist in wayfinding. Each grade level has its own color and you simply follow the color pattern in the floor to find your way.

Owner: Bristol TN City Schools

Dr. Annette Tudor, Director of Schools

Mr. Ed DePew, Supervisor of Facilities and Maintenance

Dr. Amy Scott, Secondary Supervisor

Mr. Andy Arnold, Principal, Vance Middle School

Mr. Curt Rutherford, Facilities and Maintenance Project Coordinator

Mr. Tim Beavers, Director of Development Services, City of Bristol

Designer: Community Tectonics Architects & Engineering Consultants
Don Shell, CEO

Bill Vinson, President

Paola Martinez, LEED AP+BDC Architect

Allison Pelham, Interior Designer

Henry Welch, Mechanical Engineering Services

Ron Carter, West, Welch, Reed

Steve Wilson, Spoden & Wilson

Dave Wilson, Mattern & Craig

Construction Manager / General Contractor: BurWil Construction Company
Mr. Bill Prince, Burwil Construction, President/CEO

Mr. Nick Self, Burwil Construction, Vice President – Operations

For the most current drone images and updates from the school district, please visit the Bristol TN City Schools website.