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At CTA, we take pride in transforming educational spaces to meet the ever-evolving needs of students and educators. Our facility assessment of the existing Vance Middle School was a critical step in this journey, revealing numerous deficiencies that hindered its ability to support a new educational program effectively.

After careful evaluation of multiple site options, we determined that the most favorable solution was to construct a new facility on the existing 12-acre site where Vance Middle School once stood, all while ensuring uninterrupted school operations. Given the limited available space for the new facility, a track, soccer/football field, field house, staff and event parking, we faced the challenge of designing a comprehensive three-story building that met the necessary spatial and functional requirements. The phased schedule was a key strategy, allowing the new school to be occupied before the existing building was demolished. This approach also made effective use of the existing 37,400 square foot gymnasium. Once the old school was removed, we crafted a bus drive and created space for 91 parking spots dedicated to staff and events.

Our design team’s primary goal was to craft an environment that fosters learning and inspires students. We wanted to create a place where children eagerly look forward to coming each day. This vision materialized in the form of a three-story facility seamlessly connected by a multi-level Main Street, serving as the central hub that links various areas and functions. Main Street isn’t just a corridor; it’s the heart of school activity. Here, you’ll find a Gathering Stair, a Media Center, and a Dining Hall—spaces designed to promote collaboration and engagement. Educational spaces, recreational areas, and ancillary facilities all radiate off this central spline, ensuring that students have easy access to a wealth of resources. To enhance both aesthetics and wayfinding, color plays a crucial role throughout the facility. Each grade level is associated with a distinct color, making navigation simple and intuitive. Just follow the color pattern on the floor to find your way.

At CTA, we believe that the physical environment profoundly influences the educational experience. With the Bristol Tennessee Middle School Project (previously Vance Middle), we’ve created a space where learning thrives, where students feel welcomed, and where the community can take pride in its commitment to education.