Friendship Career Center, Bristol Tennessee City Schools

In 2022, following the successful completion of the new TN Middle School, as well as several renovation projects and the design of a new CTE wing for TN High School, our architectural firm was honored to be commissioned by the City of Bristol once again. Our task was to transform a previously vacant 22,000 square foot car dealership, generously donated for the purpose of establishing a new CTE (Career and Technical Education) facility.

This state-of-the-art Career Center was designed to provide students with immersive, hands-on learning experiences in various vocational fields, including automotive technology, mechanical engineering, electrical systems, plumbing, and agriculture.

The project involved a comprehensive overhaul of the dealership space. The sales office area underwent a complete reconfiguration, transforming into classrooms, offices, a kitchen, dining area, and collaborative workspaces. We installed metal stud walls to accommodate the new program layout, and upgraded the flooring, wall surfaces, and ceilings in the core area.

To enhance security and accessibility, we renovated the existing storefront entrance, replacing the insulated glazing and ensuring a secure entry into the facility. Additionally, we subdivided the existing auto repair shop into two distinct areas. One area now serves as a training space for automobile repair, while the other has been converted into an HVAC and small equipment training area.

In terms of infrastructure, we upgraded the electrical service to meet the needs of the renovated space and implemented new LED lighting throughout the facility. We also extended a new fire service connection from the public right of way to the building and installed a comprehensive sprinkler system, ensuring safety in all areas of the facility. Furthermore, a new fire alarm system was added to provide security and compliance.

This Career Center represents a significant addition to the existing CTE programs at Bristol TN Middle and TN High School, offering students valuable opportunities for skill development and career readiness.