Farragut Middle and Intermediate Schooltsbaawardribbonblue

Knoxville, TN

1st Place TSBA School of the Year Award Winner – 1985 Middle School New Construction


This 250,000 sq. ft. facility houses both a Middle School and an Intermediate School under one roof but separated by a common food preparation area. It was constructed of block and brick with a sloped standing seam roof. There is use of passive solar features and provision for separate bus and auto circulation.

The Middle School was built to have 40 classrooms, which include: lockers, storage and teacher work areas; 10 special classrooms, a Little Theater, an administration area, a gym and cafeteria. The food service area and multi-purpose area is shared with the Intermediate School. Other features include 36 classrooms; storage and teacher work areas; 5 special classrooms, an administrative area and a gym and play area.

The Tennessee School Boards Association presented the Intermediate School and Middle School, the School of the Year Award in 1985. It was selected as a school for display by the jury of the American Association of School Administrators and the American Institute of Architects for its physical and organizational separation, and pod concept of a “school within a school” that further attempts to scale down the massiveness to provide students a more intimate family-type relationship.