Eastanallee Baptist Church

Classroom Addition

Riceville, TN


Due to unprecedented growth in this rural community, Eastanallee Baptist Church is embarking on two major additions to their existing facilities.  Originally considered Phase 3 and Phase 4, the church is undertaking both phases in one construction effort.  Recently started Phase 3 consists of a 6,000+ square foot classroom addition adjacent to the existing building’s classroom wing.  This addition will accommodate the growing preschool and children’s population.  Also soon to start construction is Phase 4, a 15,242 square foot gymnasium and kitchen addition adjacent to the new classroom wing.  This structure will provide a family life facility that will accommodate almost 1,000 participants in bleachers for athletic events as well as even larger capacities for assembly and worship.  This facility will also include a commercial kitchen capable of service capacity around 500.

Eastanallee has a history of strong leadership and is currently pastored by Dr. Tony Crisp, PhD.  Tony’s vision has inspired the continued growth of the church.  The church is also fortunate to have two lay members that have directed all the construction projects.  Clint Davis and Jayson Vicars will continue to serve as the project managers for these two expansion projects.

Initial construction consisted of a new 30,000 square foot relocation from the original church located close to the current site.  The original structure is still used by the church.  Phase 2 converted the gymnasium in the new building to a dedicated worship space and added a balcony for an expanding congregation.

The church considers the current additions as only the next steps of what God has planned for Eastanallee Baptist as they continue seek new ways to expand God’s kingdom.  Community Tectonics has been blessed to be a part of all four phases and hopes to continue to serve the church as they grow in the future.