Cleveland State Community College

Technology Building


Work at the campus’ “T” (Technology) Building consisted of mechanical, electrical, and architectural upgrades to 11,000 square feet of the existing 47,181 square foot facility. These upgrades allow for expanded capabilities to programs originally housed in the facility, which  included mechanical, electrical, geothermal and solar applications and training, while the lab addition greatly increased the potential to serve new technology needs and functions.

The new 3,683 square foot Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab space allows flexibility to accommodate current and future unknown needs. Its intentional transparent exterior veneer is intended to provide daylighting to facilitate activities in the space while attracting attention from the campus into the lab to observe the high tech functions inside. Surrounding the upper perimeter of the new high bay structure is a “translucent wall” which transmits natural light in during the day and artificial light out at night to give a unique appearance while minimizing loss of energy. The high bay mechanical supply and low wall return will reduce interior noise levels while providing more even distribution of heating and cooling in the space. The interior application of both horizontal and vertical banding serves both to break up the high walls as well as provide space for both current and future electrical conduit to serve the building. Flexibility for data, power and communications infrastructure is planned to meet a wide variety of equipment layouts and experimentation. Lighting controls are provided to achieve daylight harvesting. The large glass overhead door is intended to accommodate almost any equipment that may need to be tested within the lab while allowing the lab to open up to the campus on nice days.

This new structure, along with the renovated existing space, has enhanced the campus’s capabilities to meet the communities’ technology and training needs while providing a new appearance that is as current as the functions within.